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PT. Diamond Cold Storage

Panggilan Email PT. Diamond Cold Storage ini buat operator forklift yang pastinya sudah punya sio umur pun tidak berpengaruh karena yang panggilan lahiran tahun 1988 dan 1991 perusahaanya terletak di kawasan mm2010 memproduksi susu, PT. Diamond Cold Storage satu group dengan PT Sukandajaya yang ada di mm2100 juga,, yang punya sio segera bikin email dan kirim ke alamt email di postingan paling bawah,,,
 Bukti Panggilan 25-05-2016


PT. Diamond Cold Storage (Diamond) is an established Indonesian manufacturing company focused on dairy-based and frozen food products. We are a privately held company with product penetration across the food service, general trade and modern retail segments.

Our product range includes Milk (UHT & Pasteurized), Juice, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Soft Ice Cream, Chocolate, Mayonnaise & Salad Dressing, Cheese, and custom products as per client request.

Diamond’s high standards of quality control and food safety have positioned us as a leading dairy and frozen food supplier, including to international franchises within Indonesia such as Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s and more. Our R&D, manufacturing capacity, and track record also lend themselves to toll manufacturing.

Today, Diamond products are available in modern and traditional channels all over Indonesia. Supported by the nation’s most extensive storage distribution chain, our products are present on the tables of five-star hotels, bakeries, hypermarts, cafes, wholesalers, retailers, and traditional markets.

In order to stay on the leading edge of the market, we continuously invest in R&D, our facilities and people. Initiatives include periodic training and refresher training, implementation of company-wide Oracle-based SAP systems, and fleet and factory maintenance.

Driven by a commitment to high quality and ongoing innovation,  our product portfolio and market range is continuously evolving, creating exciting new products while maintaining existing brands. We are now actively targeting the export market including that of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Papua New Guinea.

PT. Diamond Cold Storage 
Jalan Halmahera Kawasan Industri MM2100 Cibitung, Bekasi

Alamat Email PT. Diamond Cold Storage
recruitment@diamond.co.id ,cbtpersonalia@diamond.co.id, 

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