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PT. Padma Soode Indonesia

alamat email baru dapet dari yang sudah panggilan di pagma,silahkan kirimkan lamaran kalain ke pt tersebut semoga beruntung,, dan sekarang pt ini sedang dencar dengan emailnya terbukti banyak yang di panggil
lokasi di bekasi

Integrated Capability
At a time of ever shorter product lifecycles, uncompromising pursuit of product miniaturization and unrelenting demand on product quality and reliability, sophistication and integration in manufacturing technology is sought after more than ever before, to meet ever stricter standards of both precision and cost minimization.
Under these circumstances, manufacturing technology is increasingly becoming the focal point in PT. Padma Soode Indonesia to ensure high level of stability and precision.
As a specialized manufacturer of precision parts, PT. Padma Soode Indonesia has, over the years, benefited customers the world over by keeping one step ahead of the times in terms of technological development. Our unflagging enthusiasm for research and development has allowed us to overcome various technological milestones for Indonesia 's parts manufacturing industry. Coupled with in – house capability integration, PT. Padma Soode Indonesia, is capable of offering superior level of economy and fast 'to – market' mass production capability.
PT. Padma Soode Indonesia has, over the years, built a management system, based on ISO Management System standards and has been continually updating them to ensure stability of customer satisfaction, even sometimes, going 'extra miles' exceeding what was really required by those standards.
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 Alamat perusahhan  Jl. Raya Narogong Km.15 Ciketing Udik
  Bantar Gebang Bekasi 17310 - Indonesia
  Phone : 62-21 823 5718
  Direct Line 62-21 8249 5844
  Fax : 62-21 8249 5843

Almat email   PT. Padma Soode Indonesia
Legal@padma.co.id, verahrd@padma.co.id

Alamat Website www.padmasoode.co.id

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