PT.Sigma & Hearts Indonesia

IGMA & HEARTS Co.,Ltd. begin its operations by joint venture between Thai and Japanese since year 1998 as a manufacturer of small precision parts for the automotive industry. The company has continuously developed until now can produce larger parts which have more complex pattern such as various type of Gears. etc. Eventually. the company also can produce the All in One process to mention Forging. Machining. and Heat Treatment as a whole. Moreover, the company has also expanded its market from local base to global business by exporting various parts to overseas countries such as Japan, China, United States, and Indonesia. Our company consistently produce our products based on R&D and Q C D policy and we are always appreciated to cooperate with our customers for VA/VE in order to explore continuous improvement on productivity and efficiency forever.
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PT.Sigma & Hearts Indonesia

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Jl.Timor Blok D-10 Kawasan MM2100 Cibitung, Bekasi Bekasi
Bekasi , Indonesia
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