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panggilan email ini buat teknisi.,operator pun bisa di coba,,, perusahaan ini adalah kapal api grup.dan baru2 ini kapal api buka loker lagi dan jarang ada panggilan juga,,, silahkan di coba ada 2 alamat email di bawah alamat email kapal api dan langgeng sendiri... semoga bermafaat

Agel Langgeng was established in Bekasi in 1991. Our first product, Relaxa Candy, was launched in 1993.  Not only did Relaxa become the first fragrant candy introduced to the market, but Agel also birthed an entirely new category and continues to be the market leader ever since.  The increasing sales of Relaxa drove Agel to open a new factory in Pasuruan, East Java, to focus on the production and supply for the eastern Indonesia region.
Supported by high-tech machinery from Europe and Japan in producing high-quality products for our consumers, Agel's success story in launching new categories did not end there. Following this accomplishment came Gingerbon in 1998, the modern ginger candy which created its category; Espresso, the first coffee candy with centerfill in 2004; Bontea Green, the first green tea candy with lemon centerfill in 2008.  In 2010, Agel started to produce Kapal Api Candy; a candy based upon our best-selling coffee.
In 2011, Agel penetrated the biscuit market with Oatbits; oat biscuits with fruit bits.  Recently, Agel launched Delbi’s Kopyor, biscuits made of kopyor coconut.
With its rapid growth, Agel has become one of the largest confectionary producers in Indonesia. 

bukti panggilan nya laporan yang buat dari saya

ALamat lengkap Jl. Raya Sultan Agung KM. 27 Pondok Ungu Bekasi
untuk alamat email ada 2 tapi beda domai n di coba ajah semua

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