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PT Royal Standard

The oldest division and also the biggest division within the Royal Standard Group. It has over two decades of valuable experience in both local and export market.
The Division also invest in famous and leading European technology thus they are able to offer “High Quality Product at Low Cost” to their customer and it has the capability to deliver large volume order in a short lead time.

In 2013 the division is expected to achieve double of its current production capacity and also expected to go into other range of products that involves plastics, while also continuously adding more paper stationery product to its range.
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Panggilan tgl 05 Januari 2016

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Group founded in 1978. Royal Standard starts with Iess than 50 employees in North Jakarta where its factory and office is located, the old factory then is now turn into their head office. Royal Standard has grown from a small paper converter, into a company with 1,400 employees spread around its branch offices and faetories all over Indonesia. From a paper converting company which only manufactures offices paper stationeries, Royal Standard's business scope extended to many other businesses.

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